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At Cucina Il Divo

Cucina Il Divo knows how to make
the best Italian food in the city.


We have been
serving our dishes
since 1970

Cucina Il Divo is bringing soul for the dishes since 1986. We are committed to serve our customers best Italian cuisines that brings you the authentic taste of Italian food wizards along with the freshness. You will get an Italian ambience which makes you fall in love with the place each & every time when you visit Cucina Il Divo. We at Cucina Il Divo showcase variety of best Italian food with best wines of the world. Cucina Il Divo welcomes you to visit us with your family members and friends.

Chef's Story

Frank Bruzesse

Head Chef

Frank Bruzesse the Head Chef born in Cagliari, Italy. Cooking is his passion and he is an ace at cooking authentic Italian food. Frank brings soul to the Italian cusines with his expexpertise, every dish prepared by him is an Italian perfection. He became a chef at an early age. He has worked with more than 20 authentic Italian restaurants. This passion for Cooking made him cook for 50 Years.

Michele Romano

Executive Chef

Michele Romano the executive chef born in Pompei since the childhood had the passione about the food. He became a Chef when he was 16 years old only. He got a diploma and went to work in different Michelin star restaurant such as Il Faro di Capo D'orso on Amalfi Coast or Quisisana hotel in Capri. He loves to travel and exlpore new kitchens that's why he moved for 2 years in London and since 2017 is living in Melbourne.

Our every meal has
its own unique story we want
to share with you

Italian tradition
on your plate

Each location and country has its own particular, unique variations of its food culture. That’s why the most genuine way to represent any culture is through food. If we talk about Italian food, food in Italy is largely regional, and what is considered traditional Italian in one region may be quite different in another. Therefore collectively there are lots of cuisines options in Italian food culture.
Italian food speaks all history of that region. The way they cook food, creativity, different shapes of pasta, pizzas, desserts, traditional bread types, and the kinds of cheeses, sounds mouth-watering right! Cucina Il Divo comprises of best of the tastes from Italy along with the finest wines.

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Melbourne, Flemington 3031,
Australia - Call 03 9371 2255

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