white, wholegrain, rye, Gluten free Roast tomatoes, baby spinach, cheese, hash brown

Atlantic salmon, egg, ham

$ 4


With ice cream or cream

$ 12

Caramelized banana

$ 15

Fresh berry and cream

$ 15

Canadian maple syrup

$ 12

Lemmon and sugar

$ 12



$ 3


$ 10

Full cream milk, low fat milk, oat milk , soy milk, Large size

$ 1


$ 5


$ 5


$ 5


$ 4


$ 5


$ 5


$ 5



CALAMARI FRITTI -- (Fried Calamari)

Fried calamari served with aioli mayo and rocket leaves

$ 16


Australian TigerPrawns lightly pan tossed with Kilmore garlic, Dollip of King island butter touch of Italian Prosecco finished in King Island Cream and locally grown parsley and served on a bed of arborio saffron rice

$ 24


Grill marinated Australian baby octopus on a bed of fresh mixed herbs and young fresh lettuce leaves with cherry tomatoes

$ 16


Breast of chicken tenderloin char-grilled served on a bed of mixed lettuce and aioli

$ 14


Home made bread topped with roma tomatoes, organic olive oil and garlic

$ 12



Home made tubular pasta filled with Donibrook ricotta and fresh spinach Oven baked and napoli sauce on top

$ 16


Home made recipe traditional Italian lasagna

$ 18


Pasta of your choice tossed in touch onions guanciale peppercorns and Napoli sauce with pecorino cheese

$ 18


Spaghetti or rigatoni pan tossed with guanciale black pepper olive oil egg and pecorino cheese

$ 18


An array of fresh local seafoods tossed in garlic, parsley white wine and olive oil

$ 28


Home made gnocchi pan tossed in Napoli sauce fresh basil And Donnybrook straciatella cheese on top

$ 18



250g of black angus prime porterhouse steak char grilled to your liking, with peppercorn sauce on top served with French fries

$ 28


Fillets of South Australian whiting lightly floured, grilled in olive oil served with lemon and butter sauce, served with chips and garden salad

$ 26


Grilled Lamb cutlets lightly bread crumbed served with carrots and brocollini in honey butter

$ 29


Free range breast of chicken fillet with mozzarella spinach semi sun dried tomato Oven baked with aurora sauce , with a garden salad

$ 26


Served Natural

with Shallots, Campari & Vermouth vinaigrette

$ 4


Small Plates

Marinated Olive

with Garlic Focaccia


Bread Plate

with Bone Marrow Butter


Anchovies CUCA

with Toste Bread


Hervey bay Scallops

with salsa Mornay herbed breadcrumbs, fresh papaya


Pumpkin Zuppetta

with taleggio cream, fresh truffle (V)


Lamb Cutlet

with pickled veggies Salmoriglio


Zucchini flowers filled

with 4 Cheeses cream (V)


Water plain or aerated (375ml)

$ 4

JUICES 360ml

orange, apple, pineapple apple/guava, Banana/Mango/apple, Lean and green

$ 6

ICED TEAS (360ml)

 lemon, mango, peach, watermelon

$ 6

KOMBUCHA (330ml)

passionfruit, raspberry,  Watermelon, lemon lime and bitters, hemp tropical

$ 7

SMOOTHIE’S (350ml)

Cleanse greens, energize orange Inner glow red

$ 7

COKE classic, diet, no sugar (250ml)

$ 4


Blood orange, Lemon lime and bitters, passionfruit delight, amazon Lime, cola, lemonade, ginger beer

$ 6

LEMONADE Schweppes (330ml)

$ 4

Tonic water, Soda water 375ml

$ 6


Bringing soul for recipes since 1986

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Lamb cutlets char grilled x 2, Harvey bay scallops in salsa mornay x 2, Zucchini flowers x2, marinated olives and garlic focaccia

Zucchini flowers, char grilled eggplant & zucchini, marinated olives and garlic focaccia

Oysters mornay x 2, Oysters kilpatrick x 2, Oysters natural x 2 Harvey Bay scallops in salsa mornay, Australia tiger prawns x2

A selection of free range cheeses , gorgonzola,  blue cheese, ubriago,  taglieggio served with toasted home made bread, dried walthom grapes and quince marmalade

A selection of Italian smallgoods – prosciutto, parma, mortadella, Milanese bresola, veneta salame calabrese, served with toasted bread with garlic and oregano and small sweet round peppers filled with fetta cheese


Western port Bay calamari rings lightly bread crumbed and pan fried Served with a garden salad

Australian tiger prawns, calamari, mussels, crab, lightly cooked In a mornay and  aromatic herb sauce encased in a light crepe and oven baked

Flowers of zucchini filled with a cream of 4 cheeses and served with a natural yogurt cipollina herb and raspberry flavour

Spring lamb cutlets char grilled and marinated in samoriglio (infusion of aromatic herbs) served with baby carrots

Cream of sweet pumpkin soup served with taleggio cheese tartufo slices and lemon balm micro sril and micro radish with toasted in house made bread

Australian Tiger prawns lightly pan tossed in garlic infused with white wine, king island cream sauce served on a bed of Iranian saffron arborio rice

Herbed bread crumbs fresh papaya scallops lightly sealed, gratinated with mornay sauce grated bread on top aromatized with citrus and a cream of fresh papaya on […]

Spanish anchovies (50g cuca) served with in house made toasted bread – A savor to a good glass of wine

Homemade bread toasted served with two variants of butter, bone marrow caramelized onion and sweet paprika finger lime, lime zest lemon jus and seaweed

Mixed Italian olives nocellara black olives of Gaeta and Coratina marinated in virgin olive oil with star anise rosemary sage garlic peel of lemons and orange […]

Freshly shucked and daily delivered Tasmanian oysters Served natural with Shallots, Campari & Vermouth vinaigrette

Secondi – Mains Meats

Free range breast of chicken filled with baby spinach, sundried tomato, buffalo mozzarella, roast capsicum, napoli sauce oven baked,  topped with aurora sauce

4 point spring lamb rack, rolled in pistaccio nuts and oven baked, topped with a shiraz reduced served on a bed of potato puree

Eye Fillet (275gm) char grilled to your liking, topped with Australian tiger prawns , Harvey Bay scallops and Morton Bay bugs hollandaise sauce on top

Medallions of breast of chicken pan tossed in butter with wine mushroom and a touch of cream

300grm of black angus prime cut sirloin steak char grilled to your liking

Baby veal escallopes pan sealed in butter with lemon, wine reduced and a touch of cream

Baby veal escallopes pan sealed in butter with white wine reduced and a touch of cream

275grm of black angus prime cut of eye fillet served with pickled zucchini, caramelized onions, peppercorn Sauce on top


Serving of delectable fresh seafoods that will delight the tastebuds – whole lobsters mornay, Morton Bay bugs, oysters Kilpatrick mornay and natural, garlic & chilli prawns, […]

Please ask the waiter for more details

South Australian whiting fillets grilled with lemon butter sauce and served with salad

Morton Bay bugs marinated in garlic, infusion of herbs and campari, grilled on high heat

Whole western Australian lobster baked in a mornay saffron and champagne sauce

Secondi - Mains Pasta Dishes

An array of seafood, prawns, mussels, clams, scallops, calamari tossed in an authentic Italian lobster bisque

Home made gnocchi pan tossed in garlic pancetta mushrooms pecorino cheese and fine slices of Italian black truffle

Italian arborio rice fused with gorgonzola blue cheese pine nuts and Iranian saffron

Traditional tubular pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, Napoli sauce oven baked


Traditional Pizza











tomato, mozzarella, fresh mushrooms

tomato, mozzarella, ham, BBQ sauce, wurstel sausage



tomato, mozzarella, Hot salami



tomato, mozzarella, Italian sausage, French fries



tomato, mozzarella, chicken, BBQ sauce



nutella, icing sugar

tomato, mozzarella, bacon, ham, pork sausage, BBQ sauce



tomato, mozzarella, bacon, egg

tomato, mozzarella, peppers, onions, mushroom



tomato, mozzarella, ham, pineapple

tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, anchovies, black olive

 tomato, mozzarella, cheese, origano 













tomato, mozzarella, tiger prawns, mussels, baby octopus, Scallops, garlic, parsley



tomato, mozzarella, tiger prawns, parsley, olive oil,  Mornay sauce



mozzarella, marinated oven baked lamb shoulder  onions, BBQ sauce



tomato, mozzarella, artichoke

tomato, mozzarella, Italian sausage, onions, olive oil

tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto parma



Italian sausage, mozzarella, Friarelli          



radicchio, mozzarella, truffle oil, pancetta 



blue cheese, parmesan, mozzarella, caciocavallo picante

Beer on Tap $Pot $Pint





Alexander Hill - Merlot

This Merlot is a dry, medium- to full-bodied wine with moderate acidity, moderate to high alcohol, and soft but present tannins. Goes with beef, lamb and does well with cheeses

$12 $34

Alexander Hill - Shiraz Cabernet

A blend of our Shiraz and Cabernet fruit, sourced from vineyards with a strong history of  yielding wines of great body and fruit weight. This wine is created as a blend of both the Alexander Hill Shiraz  and  Alexander Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is tweaked by manipulating the tannin structure and the palate weight to create a wine that displays the best of both the shiraz and Cabernet Parcel.

$12 $34

Alexander Hill - Shiraz

Crimson in colour with slight purple tinges and a nose showing black cherry ,Plum, sweet spices and a hint of pepper all overlaid with the most subtle oak vanillin  character .This shiraz shows ripe blood plum and some confectionery tones on the palate with a lingering plum and oak flavour on the finish.

$12 $36

Alexander Hill - Cabernet Sauvignon

A mature deep brick red colour with aromas of green vine leaves, tea, cedar wood and cassis, this full- bodied and rich Cabernet has ripe, soft tannins with a mouth -filling flavour of ripe black berries and cherry. A long -finishing wine, with a lingering cherry and tea-leaf aftertaste

$12 $36

Alexander Hill - Cabernet

A mature deep red colour aromatic flavours of dark fruits like plum, black cherry and blackberry along with warm spice, vanilla, liquorice and black pepper usually paired with a red meat dish

$12 $36

Yeringa Ridge - Shiraz 2018

Yeringa Ridge is deep rich purple colour showing intense fruit on both bouquet and palate. Firm tannins are pleasantly balanced with subtle hints of spice and Plum. Works well with pasta, red meat, game and cheese

$12 $38

Yeringa Ridge - Merlot

Yeringa  Ridge Merlot is a deep plum colour ,displaying spicy notes And earthy tones on the nose, with a hint blue berry.The palate offers Earthy spice and blackcurrant flavours with supple tannins and a lingering fruity finish. Works  well  with soft cheeses or veal

$14 $38

Taylor Ferguson Yeringa Ridge - Cabernet Sauvignon

The Yeringa Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon is a distinctive and attractive wine showing a delicate fruit/oak balance. On the nose and a firm, full flavoured palate. It is deep red in colour, exhibiting a bouquet of subtle blackcurrant, this exquisite wine complements most dishes, especially roast beef or lamb, or any hearty pasta dishes.

$14 $38

Yeringa Ridge - Shiraz Cabernet

The spiciness of the Shiraz and berry flavours of the Cabernet Sauvignon make for wonderful partners in this wine.

$14 $38

Yeringa Ridge - Cabernet Merlot

The palate is refined and smooth, showing flavours of blue fruits and brooding chocolate characters. Fine, ripe tannins round out the wine, with a salivating acidity on the finish. Being a predominantly Cabernet blend, lovely tannin structure lifts the sweet jubiness of the Merlot.

$14 $38

Yeringa Ridge - Cabernet

Cabernet sauvignon is a dark red wine with a full body you are to discern the taste of green peppers in this wine, along with dark spices and fruits such as cherries.

$14 $38

88 Mile Gum Cabernet Sauvignon

reserve selection 

$14 $38


reserve selection 

$14 $38

Taylor Ferguson Premium Selection - Shiraz Cabernet

The Taylor Ferguson cabernet from Langhorne Creek is deep red Purple in colour with nose showing rich, Sweet ripe fruits, Plum, cassias, cherry and spice dominate the nose with subtle hints of cedar wood. The palate shows plum, blackcurrant, cherry, tea and pepper with soft Tannins and a complex and lingering finish. Try on its own with some Dried Fruits and nuts

$ 52

Taylor Ferguson McLaren Director’s Reserve Vale - Shiraz

This wine displays fragrance of aromatic characters of ripe raspberry Coulee and raspberry vanilla  tart. On the palate the use of sweet American Oak integrates well with fresh fruit flavours of raspberry and sweet blackberry. 

$ 98

Taylor Ferguson McLaren Vale Director’s Reserve - Cabernet Sauvignon

An opaque crimson red coloured wine with distinct cassis aromas as well as tea leaf, green capsicum and oaky spice notes. The palate shows cedarwood and oak with firm tannins and a long finish with hints of cassias and minerals.

$ 98

Taylor Ferguson Family Reserve - Cabernet Sauvignon. 2017

deep garnet in colour with notes of raspberries, plum and currants with hints of mint and eucalyptus on the nose. This wine displays notes of blackberry, forest fruits and plum. The oak is very well integrated in this wine complimented s well by the fruit and the firm tannin structure. This wine leaves a lingering fruity finish with a pleasant oaky aftertaste. 

$ 92

Taylor Ferguson Family Reserve - Durif 2017

Very dense inky black colour with a very deep black dark red hue. Heady black cherry, liquorice, black plum and dried cherry scents are followed by earthy vanillin oak and spicy dried herb notes. Thick, robust and concentrated, rich black cherry and liquorice fruits are backed by a stern tannin structure. 

$ 79

Scarpantoni 2015 McLaren Vale - Shiraz

A luscious, full palate exhibiting ripe fruit characters. With hints of pepper, spice and nutmeg. Well balanced with firm American Oak tannins leading to a long generous finish.

$ 58

Scarpantoni 2010 - School Block

The perennial Scrapantoni favourite shows plenty of characteristics that have made it a classic. The current blend is 60% Shiraz , 30% Cabernet sauvignon and  10%  Merlot , which is typical of most previous releases. The Shiraz and Cabernet contribute toward much of ripe black fruits, plums and chocolate that dominate the nose and palate and the wine is quite full in body from the Shiraz in particular but soft generous and always approachable which is where the Merlot component really comes into its own.

$ 78

Frank Shiraz - Cabernet Merlot 2016

Full bodied dry red , deep red with vibrant purple hues , lifted plum, Blackcurrant and spicy aromas, with subtle oak and earthy notes, White plum and blueberry fruit characters dominate the palate with savory tannins and supple oak leading to a dry finish. 

$ 14 $ 56

Stefani Heathcote - Shiraz 2017

The wine is brick red in colour on the nose it displays notes of Strawberry, caramel and old Spice. This fruit was hand harvested from our single wine yard site at the foot of the Mt.Carmel Ranges North of Heathcote. The wine has been Matured in both new and seasoned French barrels for 12 Months. 

$ 14 $ 76

Gibson Reserve (BAROSSA) – 2018 Merlot

$ 14 $ 76

Seven Hill Quarry Road - Cabernet Malbec

Aromas of blackcurrant with a hint of Capsicum, integrate seamlessly With the Malbec. The wine is tightly bound with fine, grippy tannins that provide substance to the palate. A wine that will age gracefully. 

$ 109

Seven Hill Open Range - Grenache

Aromas of baked. Eggplant and green olives’, with a hint of spice, dried herbs and toasted oak. The palate is well-defined by silky tannins, which hold the sweet fruit In check. Superbly balanced through out , and destined for a fined future. 

$ 196

Seven Hill - Inigo Barbera 2018

bright ruby colour. The aroma is lifted with maraschino cherry, boysenberry and toffee apple. The palate has a juicy fruit sweetness, with soft tannins and a clean finish. 

$ 78

Magnitude - Shiraz 2017

The wave length in this full bodied style showcases intense red berry fruits Combined with the integrated oak and then juicy middled palate fullness. Enjoy the hallmarks of this McLaren Vale Shiraz, Spice , Length and Mocha, Chocolate richness , together with supple tannins. 

$ 98

Magnitude - Shiraz 2017

The wave length in this full bodied style showcases intense red berry fruits Combined with the integrated oak and then juicy middled palate fullness. Enjoy the hallmarks of this McLaren Vale Shiraz, Spice , Length and Mocha, Chocolate richness , together with supple tannins. 

$ 98

Majella Coonawarra “ The Musicians “ 2016

The colour is vibrant deep ruby red with a crimson hue. The wine is Seductive, smooth and fruit driven with luscious plums, boysenberries, Blackcurrant with hints of mint and eucalyptus, supported by soft tannins that give excellent balance. 

$ 76

Majella Coonawarra “ The Composer” 2019

The Composer is a vivid dark Magenta red colour with a crimson hue. Lush eucalyptus and Red fruit aromas are Paired with a bright, flavour filled, medium weighed Palate of cassis and red berries. Subtle oak integration enhances the Smooth and balanced Finished.

$ 76

Inigo Range 2019 Grenache

A light red colour red. And attractive potpourri aroma of freshly dried oregano, raspberry, cherry guava and confection. The palate is light bodied, yet is deceptively structured and long. The sweet cherry fruit is well supported by very fine tannins running the length of the palate

$ 109

Bellissimo Primitivo

Variety of Italy producing aromas of cherries combined with mulberry, blueberry, liquorice and oak. The Serafino Bellissimo Primitivo is an exciting wine with flavours of blackberries spice and liquorice complemented by cedary oak notes and long balanced tannins

$ 65

Vigna Stefani Nebbiolo 2017

Medium red in colour with hints of tobacco leaf and prunes. The palate is rich and textural with firm tannins. 

$ 65

Stefani Estate Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2018

$ 16 $ 75

Serafano estate McClaren Vale 2019 SHIRAZ Multiple Award winner

$ 105